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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Armand Joubert on New Single: Sun Back

Armand Joubert - Ty Photography

Armand Joubert New Single: Sun Back: 

Richard Chemaly and Armand Joubert:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Lekker Armand, cool new release!
To us uninitiated fellows, making a song involves launching ThePirateBay, getting an illegal copy of Fruity Loops and throwing some sounds together over a six-pack of Flying Fish. How far off am I?
ArmandJoubert: Haha, not too far off but there’s a lot that goes in creating a song; writing, getting the right producer and then making sure the vocals are perfect.

RC: Seriously though, you play a bunch of musical instruments from piano to guitar and a couple of things in between. I assume this means you know you some musical theory? How does that help you in your writing since many producers don’t have that knowledge?

I have a very good ear and can tell you what I hear but…

Armand Joubert: I do not know much musical theory because everything that I play I taught myself.
I have a very good ear and can tell you what I hear but I won’t be able to tell you what chords it is or in what key but I’ll be able to sing there and play it on the instruments cause I taught myself how to sing and play.
Yes it does help a lot when it comes to songwriting because then I can explain exactly to the producer what I want and what I’m expecting to hear

The South African Music Industry:

RC: The scene is beginning to appreciate singles more than albums of late. Is there an art to when the optimal time is to drop certain music and are you sitting on more songs you’re just waiting for the right time to drop?
Armand Joubert: Oh definitely, I’ve got a full body of work that I’m working on at the moment and I will definitely release an album/ep in the next year.
Armand Joubert - Ty Photography

Armand Joubert – Ty Photography

What comes first, the beat or the words?

RC: You seem to actually put a lot of effort into coming up with your lyrics, which begs the questions; what comes first, the beat or the words?
Armand Joubert: For me, the melody comes first and then I’ll start playing around with words and then the whole concept comes together.

Charting in South Africa:

RC: You’ve been hitting charts like crazy so do you have any particular ambitions with this track?
Armand Joubert: Yeah I mean hitting the charts will always be an ambition but I really hope that this track will be one of those songs that people will still listen to in 5 years from now
RC: Looking forward to seeing what it does and getting down at your next gig!
Armand Joubert: Thank you. I’m very excited. I’ve got quite a few shows that my team and i are working on. I’ll be heading to Cape Town first.

Armand Joubert – Sun Back:

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