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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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10 Oppi Acts We’re Amped For

With #OK24Nomakanjani a week away, the Milled office is getting hyped up. A special room exists where throughout the year, we place things we’d like to take along so we’re kinda already packed and raring to go. With an all local lineup, we figured, we’d share who we’re excited to see and why.

We’ve deliberately excluded the big national names since you probably already know them and well, we’re more keen on the fringe anyway. Unlike other lists, this one has a particular order; the order they appear on the 3 day program. So get strapped in. Even if you paid for the whole seat, you’ll only need the edge of it!

1. No Comply
Thursday Bruilof 13h00

Remember the days? You’d just get home from junior school, feel like chilling out. Fifa was hardly fun but you had a pirate copy of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Street Sk8ter 2 and you placed it in your modded PlayStation just to hear the soundtrack?

This is that soundtrack. For avid punk fans of the pre-pop variety, I’ve never seen these dudes live as they’ve only been around two years but there’s enough buzz on the scene to have made me curious enough to pick up the EP…and the EP makes me wanna see them!

2. Wolfgang Marrow
Thursday Top Bar 13h00

I mean, who doesn’t digg a little blues? Since leaving Bloem and rooting in Gauteng, the band is quickly establishing itself as the local authority in the genre. Set to go on a Blues Cruise next year, the duo turned four-piece has the distinctive feature of applying turgor pressure to their music giving that raw yet experimental feel…also, they have some of the sexiest guitars you’ll ever see.

They happen to be some fun people too.

3. Satanic Dagga Orgy
Thursday Top Bar 21h00

It looks set to be the Orj’s third venture into the dust but they arrive with a list of accolades from National Arts Fest Award to an attempted Church coup d’etat in the Free State.  They’re also a cool band to play games with.

The wanna boyband in speedos had become the composer of the theme to many peoples’ experiences in the dust after just one performance and their absence from last year was clearly evident so I’m looking forward to welcoming them back. Few artists are worth the drunken night time excursion to get to the Top Bar but the prospect of being rewarded with beer and grown men dressed to kill is totally worth it.

4. The Moths
Thursday Bruilof 23h00

If you thought that Tarantino made Surf Rock cool…you should check out this trio dressed as the Men in Black and who insist on having the sound engineers set up a microphone for literally just one lyric in their entire set…yes, the word it tornado. When I questioned them on this, they merely said they were all garbage singers.

Thank goodness their instrumentals make up for it. In all seriousness though, this is the kinda sound you’d want in your life if you were running away from Samuel L Jackson driving a Cadillac.

5. Them Dirty Shrikes
Friday Bruilof 13h00

Getting your Friday started right is vital so the perfect blend of energies and sounds is ideal. Ideally then, getting in some Them Dirty Shrikes is in order. Many of us have had the dream of driving through the USA on Route 66, breaking down and walking the 6 miles in the heat to find a Diner where you can order a coke only to be told that that serve Pepsi exclusively while hearing that grungy music in the background.

Well with Them Dirty Shrikes, you can get all that at Oppi, the music at least.

6. Bam Bam Brown
Friday James Phillips 14h00

After that Bite My Lip song did so well, it would be great to hear his other stuff too. I digg Bam Bam Brown, if for nothing else, have you seen his awesome website? An afternoon vibe to the smooth guitar seems like an ideal way to polish off a Friday afternoon and get you in the zone for the party.

7. Van Pletzen
Friday James Phillips 18h00

Okay so there’s no Bittereinder this year but the instrumental part of the group is there. Rocking out to Van Pletzen’s sounds is kinda the best reason you’ll get to cancel your membership at Virgin Active.

8. Sho Majozi
Friday Bruilof 19h00

Huku is blowing up right now. It’s also not often that one enjoys music in a language they don’t understand (except Gangnam Style) but this ability to transcend language boundaries is a vitally important and worthwhile skill…possibly the only thing that may unite a divided state.

Sho Madjozi is more than just one song though and has been on the scene for a considerable amount of time. Being exposed is important!

9. Mx Blouse
Friday Redbull 19h00

This is more intrigue than anything else. Mx Blouse has blown up on the scene of late and there hasn’t been a major opportunity to check the act out yet…until now.

Having worked with greats like Thor Rixon, this take on Kwaito and shifting it away from traditional gqom injects a new virility into the indigenously bred African brand of music!

10. Radio 123
Saturday Top Bar 00h00

Right now there are fewer acts who cross pollinate cultures and genres successfully. Radio 123 is one such act and, on record they do it well. Alas, I’ve not had the ability to confirm this in terms of a live act yet but I’ve been told many good things so rocking out at Top Bar to end Day 2 may be a great idea!

We’re super looking forward to all 3 days of Oppi and though Day 3 doesn’t feature any of the fringe artists we’re keen on, it does boast the big guns so find us in the dust!



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