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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Crimson House Speaks New Album ahead of Park Acoustics Festival

Crimson House

Crimson House Primed for a New Album in January:

Crimson House, Riaan, dude! It’s great to speak to you guys again, it has been far too long! (for me anyway) When last did we check in? I think Richard chatted with you guys at this year’s Mielie Pop 2018?

Brett Magill (BM): What have you been up to since that humble festival? How’s the fourth Album tracking?

Riaan Smit (RS): Hey brotherman, the latest album is coming on great, we’ll be ready to launch it in January 2019. Its been a whole new process of discovery in that we have so many versatile genres and sounds that we have found in this new sound, nothing like what we have done before.

we have found in this new sound, nothing like what we have done before.

Since we last met at Mieliepop there’s been a trip to the Caribbean, a trip to New York and a lovely tour via Mozambique for STRAB, and Swaziland for Bushfire and otherwise working on the new album while basing ourselves in Pretoria for the winter.

We have been shacking up with the Son of Hawk guys so that’s been an experience and a half.

BM: I’ve recently moved up to Pretoria too, how’s your stay been and how’s the recording of the new tunes going? I feel like we’re old mates catching up here, so sorry if I sound like a turkey, are we getting a beer sometime to celebrate the moves?!

RS: Its been lekker in Pretoria, people are lank friendly here. We have been jamming and writing a lot whilst we have been here, living together, touring together and just living the life. Always welcome for a beer man!

BM: Back to serious talk quick, I have to act like a professional and not just a fan; tell us about the new set of singles you’ve been releasing, where do I start if I’ve not heard your jams this year?

RS: Our Spotify is where we are focusing our attention, we love the platform, so just go there and you can get our top picks off our last 3 albums and the new singles off the upcoming album.

Pot of Gold, Crimson House 2018:

BM: How is the recording of the new album going? I’m sure your ears are getting blue with us asking you!

RS: Its been great man, working with producer Antonio Cencherli has been great,  he’s a bra form the Rudimentals and he’s taking our sound in a whole new direction, as you can hear in our last single “Pot of Gold”.

BM: Tell me about that Dirty Disney skit you guys pulled off at Rumors Rock City? Your fans mention it in whispers over expensive gin and cheap ice.

…it is some of the most challenging compositions we have ever been faced with.

RS: We decided to delve into a world of fun and reliving our childhoods and took on learning as many Disney songs as we could while adapting them to our own style.

Disney music may have been written for children, but let me tell you it is some of the most challenging compositions we have ever been faced with. So we basically made our own show out of dirtying up some Disney songs, making them ska, punk, grunge whatever you like. It’s a trip. Fans come dressed up and it’s a jol. Ever seen a wasted Tinkerbell jamming? It’s a riot.

BM: Why does it look like the band has grown a bit since I last saw you? (I could be wrong, I’m running only a few hours of sleep and far too much coffee)

RS: Crimson House has many faces, we have our core 6 members which includes me (vocals), Arno (guitar), Stoffels (drums) Andre (bass), Nick Becker (sax) and Gareth Harvey (Baritone sax) who are all official core members, but then we have our frequent collaborators who when they can make the gig join our ranks.

When we get lucky we get what we call the “Crimson House Armada” which features the regular 6 plus Luca Hart (violin) Nhoza (Vocals), Antonio (keys), Tebogo Makoena (sax), Jack (trumpet)  and Tim Welsch (Sax). making Crimson House a 12 piece orchestra of note. It’s mental.

Crimson House

Crimson House at Park Acoustics July:

Brett Magill: You guys are coming back to Park Acoustics this July! What can the scores of screaming fans expect from you this time around? The classical stylings of Spider Pig or Howling at your Door? Or some of the new stuff? (Jams Spider Pig in the background)

we have a special edition of Crimson House

Riaan Smit: Well for Parks, we have a special edition of Crimson House in the works, because we have our original sax team (Nick & Gareth) coming up and our Gauteng horn team (Jack & Tebogo) we have a 4 part horn section of the highest caliber, its going to be beautiful.

We are gonna play all our latest singles, some old favorites including Spiderpig, but we may also sneak a big Disney tune in there somewhere. Its gonna be a jol!

I cannot wait for another stellar Crimson House performance! Like most live performances by Crimson House, the audience is bound to get a delicate mix of energy, soul, and emotion, unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

Make sure you’ve got your Park Acoustics ticket before they run out, it’s always a great time and something to look forward to in your monthly festival calendar!

Park Acoustics July

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