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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Pascal and Pearce: Tremor Fest 2018

Pascal and Pearce

Pascal and Pearce come to Tremor Fest 2018:

Tremor Fest is one of South Africa’s most earth-shatteringly mind-blowing EDM festivals yet! This year, there’s an epic line up and we managed to chat to one of, who I think, the best EDM duos around the scene right now; Pascal and Pearce! (Win Tickets here)

From Jethro Tait to Lose Control:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Boys, it’s been over two years. Good to hear from you again! As we age, do you change the way you do things, maybe get to your hotel a little sooner or drink one less tequila?

Pascal and PearcePascal and Pearce (P&P): Yeah it’s been a minute, always good to catch up! Not sure if it’s age related, maybe more wisdom… but yeah, we’re definitely not throwing back the tequilas like we were 5 years ago hahaha! The music should always come first 🙂

RC: I recently had a chat with Jethro Tait and he cites you as one of his stepping stones. Do you go out and look for such or do the talents just happen to come together?

P&P: Working with Jethro was awesome, he’s a very rad dude! Our record label UMG is to thank for that intro – they put us in touch with him and everything just kind of flowed from there.

RC: You’ve also just released Lose Control. Releasing new music must always be a kick. Do you set your aspirations before a release or do you check out what happens?

P&P: Yeah it’s always exciting to put new music out, especially when we’ve put so much time into a track. And no, we don’t really like to spend too much time thinking about expectations and whatnot – every track we put our feels a bit like our first in a weird way,  so there’s always an excited feeling of slight nervousness… but we always go with the flow.

Our chemistry has always come quite easy for us

Pascal and PearceRC: Reading your interviews and remembering all the things you told us in our interview way back when it seems everything from playing together to maintaining the energy at your gigs comes easy. What kinda foundation do you two have together that makes all your playing together so easy?

P&P: Our chemistry has always come quite easy for us, which definitely helps! We both have a similar sense of humor, and our interests overlap quite a bit… we’re both big footie fans and support the same two teams, so we’re generally good. Champions League final was a tad awkies though.

RC: And now Tremor Fest…another notch on the proverbial bedpost as it were. What do these international collaborations mean to you lot?

P&P: Yeah, we’re really looking forward to Tremor Fest! International collabs do so much good for this country, it’s rad that we have so much access to word class events and artists these days, back in the day, it was very seldom someone cool came here. Now, these days we are blessed.

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