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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Majozi on Waiting

Majozi New Single: Waiting:

We like talking to Majozi. Even if you dropped the music, he’s a stack of fun to speak to. We discussed his hair, his favourite word and the industry. Oh also, his music is pretty lekker too…even if it took two year to drop some new stuff…totally worth the wait!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Majozi! It’s been a minute! Since releasing some new material, you’ve been all over and my most memorable moment was your reluctant choice of favourite word, “moist”. You seem to have regretted that as soon as you said it. With some time to think about it, would you change your answer?

Majozi (M): Hey hey *miles and laughs* Nah I don’t think so. I think its just a really funny word, that know one likes saying.

RC: Your rise in public has been pretty swift, less than half a decade since you blew up but of course you were putting in the grind before that. Do you have a memorable moment before you became famous when you knew you were going all the way?

M: Hmm it’s hard to pin point the exact time but I guess it was that period when I’d just had my first single playlisted on 5FM and I started doing my first shows up in Jozi. One day I was like “I guess this is my life now”. The door is open it’s either I walk through it or I don’t and always wonder what if. Luckily I had so much support so I felt comfortable enough to do it.

RC: When we last spoke with you you admitted that if you could, you’d “pull an Adele” and only release a new album every four years. With the higher tech of the 2010s, it seems releasing new singles is the new album release of the 90s. Is an album in sight or are you enjoying the single releases?

Photo Credit: Tyler Walker

M: I’m still keen to do an album, but nowadays, I don’t think albums hold as much as the use to in the past. Your right, strong singles are the name of the game. I guess I’ll figure that out as I go on. I have to many emotions to just release singles *laughs*

RC: I promise we’ll get to a serious question just now but I have to ask…so back in school, I couldn’t wait until December holiday when I would be allowed to bleach my hair. Now I’m embarrassed to look at a couple of years’ Christmas photos. What took you so long to go blonde?

M: To be honest I’d never thought about it before. The idea to bleach and dye my hair came from me wanting to visual represent how I have changed as well as my music. I’m all in with this kinda stuff and it’s a lot of fun. My mate Guy from Guys Chop Shop in Stellies has been instrumental in adding to my vibe. Big props to him!

RC: Okay, as promised: a serious question…I’ve playlisted Waiting on my KovsieFM show and it’s been really well received. I have other friends who send me music which I won’t playlist because it doesn’t fit with the sound of my show. When you write music, do you have to keep in mind target audiences and what works on radio and marketing?

M: It’s so tricky trying to balance your creative and free side with your commercial side. I hate the thought of not be able to do whatever I want creatively, but then as the same time, you’ve got to remember who your audience is and give them something back for being so loyal. It’s a dance, but I believe if the music is really good and you build a solid fan-base, you can dance along those lines successfully.

RC: Lastly, your advice to us for upcoming artists last time was ” Be kind, be generous, love people and practice practice practice!”. Of course this is not always easy to do. Have you managed to stay the course and, more importantly, does the advice change once you’ve developed?

M: I think I have. I would also say its really important to surround yourself with people that believe in you and people that will better you. Its always important to grow, and listen to those more experienced. I’m learning everyday.

Photo Credit: Tyler Walker

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