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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Anvil Ale Brewery Talk to Us Before Capital Craft

Anvils and beer? Don’t dare ask them about anything off the mark or you’ll be hit with the screams of “we make beer not…” but other than that, Anvil makes some great beer so we had to ask them a couple of questions about their award winning craft!

Richard Chemaly (RC):  You guys made the 10 Things to do in Dullstroom! Is that something to be proud of or is there very little to do in Dullstroom?

Anvil Ale Brewery (AAB): The top 10 is nominated by the public, so, according to the public we must do something right. The International awarded Africa Brewer of the Year, two years running!

RC: Anvils have been used as musical instruments in some kinda famous compositions. From Toy Story 3 to Isengard’s theme in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Any chance of an Anvil Ale bottle cover version we can do at beer fest?

AAB: We make beer, not music. Blacksmith, keep to thy forge!

RC: We are a fan of your stout which is a pretty difficult thing to accomplish. The porter family is a difficult one fraught with infighting, divorces and interbreeding. How did you keep it all in check to raise a great child?

Photo Credit: Sue Adams

AAB: By keeping it simple, using the best ingredients and the secret ingredient; that we will have to kill you if we told you. 

RC: When I check your website, your coffee page still seems to be under construction and has been since 2011. How long does it take to brew a coffee? Are you too focused on beer?

AAB: We make beer, not coffee. That’s for the ninnies! The coffee is another business but check their website again! 

RC: Looking forward to the festival! You’ve been to a couple. What tends to run out first?

AAB: Unfortunately the blond. The South African beer drinking public are getting there but are still influenced by our lager heritage and big daddy’s mighty PR department. 

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