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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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CrashCarBurn on New Album: Headlights

Crashcarburn Headlights

CrashCarBurn: Headlights

We know you grew up loving CrashCarBurn and were really hurt when they kinda went away, but look!

They’re back, with a new album! Excited about the return, I had many questions to ask frontman (and lecturer) Garth Barnes and it went a little something like this.


Richard Chemaly (RC): Right on ouens! Props on the new album. You really wrote over 100 demos and of the 12 you picked, one was a cover of free falling? Kick-ass song though!

Garth Barnes (GB): Right? When Tom Petty passed last year -RIP- that song was everywhere and I was like “…this is such an amazing tune, why has no one covered it?”. So I sat down in the studio and started playing around with some synths and different tempos. I think we’ve definitely given it our own CCB flavour. We’re very happy with the way it turned out! Hopefully, Tom is smiling down on us rather than turning in his grave!

RC: We thought you’d broken up but it seems not. What convinced you to pull the trigger on new music 6 years later?

We’ve been around, just keeping it low key for a while…

GB: No sir! We’ve been around, just keeping it low key for a while. There’s been a bit of an industry trend of releasing singles instead of full-length albums. We did that for a while and, even though we haven’t released a full album since 2012…yikes…we’ve released a good number of singles since then. The problem with putting out singles though is that you’re always writing something that might have a chance on radio, so you miss out on those little gems that might not necessarily be picked up by radio, but are nonetheless great tracks! So eventually we were like “…okay the singles journey was fun, but it’s time now for an album!”

RC: You were formed in London and the new album was mastered in London…is the English influence strong in you?

GB: *laughs* No we’re very much Saffas but we did live in London for 2 years. Our old friend Chris Brink lives in London. He played bass for us when we were living there and we’ve stayed in touch. Chris has been mixing our stuff since I can remember, he’s amazing.

Crashcarburn Headlights

Photo Credit: Andre Badenhorst


RC: You made it seem like the album deviates from the sound we’re used to from you but all of us in the office here can’t hear the deviation. Was it just a ploy to throw us off? We still think you’re emo teens *winks*

GB: Jeez, okay with that wink I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not? Sure there are a handful of tunes, maybe 3, that would be right at home on any other CrashCarBurn album, but the rest are far more subdued, tempos way reduced and way more experimentation with synths and such. You can still hear its CCB, but compare ‘Headlights’ or ‘Nobody’ from this album to ‘Long live tonight’ or ‘Serenade’ and surely you have to admit they are worlds apart? As for the ’emo teens’ thing… okay maybe you’re right there! *laughs*

…compare ‘Headlights’ or ‘Nobody’ from this album to ‘Long live tonight’ or ‘Serenade’ and surely you have to admit they are worlds apart?

RC: What’s going to be the first single? We think it should be Satellite. Can totally hear it on the radio!

GB: Aw thanks man *Smiles* We actually went with ‘Summer Forever’ cos Bugsy had a great idea for a video with dogs!

RC: So does a new album come with some new tour dates? Will you be going exotic and playing some Free State, North West gigs? #AskingForAFriend

GB: *Laughs* Album is out and we’re throwing a launch jol at the Stanley Beer Yard in JHB, then we support US band ‘Secrets’ on 13 April at Arcade Empire and that’s followed by launch gigs in Stellies and CT on 4 and 5 May. No plans for the Free State or Limpopo just yet! Keep an eye on our Facebook though… that could all change at any moment!

RC: After all these years in the scene, where does the energy come from?

GB: Look, man, there are people who find the energy to wake up at 4am and go to the gym in the middle of winter. If they can find the gees for a hobby like that, I can sure find the gees to get out there with my best mates, drink a few beers and make some rock n roll music! It’s hard work being in a band… but it’s also a jol!

RC: Lekker! Keep it up okes. Looking forward to catching you on the tour!

GB: Thanks a ton!

Photo Credit: Andre Badenhorst

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