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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Napalma Speaks to Us Ahead of Park Acoustics

As far as international-collaborative efforts go, Napalma is up there as one of the most awesome projects. We’re pretty lucky to get them in SA! I spoke with Cid about their incorporation of musical instruments, touring regiment and what to expect from their first Park Acoustics performance!

Richard Chemaly (RC): Right on Cid! First of all, we love your setup! It’s odd though that you’re seemingly all electronica and then boom!…a trumpet! How did you arrive at your setup?

Cid (C): Actually the trumpet was in our first set up in 2004 and he came to our first trip to South Africa in 2006, and ever since we never had the trumpet again, we had saxophone, flute, a trio with two trombones and one tuba.

We are really excited about having the trumpet on board again, when it comes on top of the electronica and drumming grooves it takes people to the space…

RC: You also seem to be seriously busy with a 3 part album? 3 EPs? 3 sets of singles? I’m not sure but you’re releasing 3 somethings called A Big Funky Family. What’s that about? When are the other 2 volumes coming?

C: Yes, it was a idea of our producer Marcel Dadalto in Berlin to break the full album ‘A Big Funky Family’ in a few EPs with six songs each, so it will be two EPs of originals and a third one with remixes. The Vol 2 will be launched in September and we have been offering our songs to DJs and music producers that would be interested in mixing the tunes, then we’ll choose 6 tracks for ‘A Big Funky Family . Vol 3 . Remixes’.

RC: Speaking of, you’ve also got a world tour coming up including a gig in the Cairo Jazz Club. I’m stoked something like that even exists. You must be stoked to be playing it?

C: Egypt feels like a present for us, we are performing at Cairo Jazz Club and doing a Live Session at NRJ Egypt with chances for more events to be booked. NAPALMA have a strong connection in Egypt with artists that have collaborated a few times together and real friends there. We have created some roots after performing 4 tours in Egypt from 2007 to 2009 and then with the Revolution everything calmed down on the cultural and tourism businesses. We are glad to be back to Egypt after 9 years.

Also excited about other shows on the tour, Namibia for the first time, Karneval Der Kulturen in Berlin, a huge street event that will give us a big exposure, Switzerland, Portugal….its going nicely.

RC: But first, Park Electric, a significant shift from the traditional Park Acoustic…what is your view on the need for more electronic day festivals?

C: I loved the idea from Park Acoustics to give this extra flavor to the public. The conception of electronic music during the days, like ‘Electronic Piknik’ works very well in Europe and I am pretty sure it will work out in SA as well.

RC: Considering how elusive you are on the net. To those who have not yet had the opportunity to hear you out, what should they expect?

C: A music that comes from the heart with worldwide influence to make people dance and have fun.

RC: Looking forward to the set! Thanks for hanging out with us!

C: Much LOVE. Pretoria is part of our Big Funky Family.

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