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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Incubus Takes South Africa on a Ride We’ll Never Forget

Incubus South Africa

Incubus in South Africa

There are a great few bands that manage to make the top 10 list of so many people. Even fewer are capable of earning their way into those lists for close on 27 years. Enter Incubus. A band that pushed boundaries and stayed true to their vision, Incubus have firmly established themselves as one of the largest contributors to modern day rock rhetoric.

This past February, South African audiences were given their first (goodness lets hope it’s not the last) opportunity to see this powerhouse of a band perform live.

They rocked the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on the 24th and Cape Towns Grand West Arena on the 28th. I was fortunate to watch them at their Pretoria show and I must say, I was left speechless. But before we tuck into the majesty that was the Incubus set, I want to talk about the event itself.

Incubus South Africa

Incubus Live in Pretoria Show:

The tour was organized by relatively new-kids-on-the-block, WeAreLive. While the company may be new, their founding members have been critical in creating festivals like Rocking the Daisies and bringing monumental acts to our shores that include UB40, the Kooks, The Rudimentals, Mac Miller and a whole load more.

… pain-free customer experience courtesy of Howler

This experience shone through in the near-perfect execution of the event.  Toilets, food stalls and bars were abundant; security was ever-present; and for the first time since I have engaged with cash-free events, a pain-free customer experience courtesy of Howler.

A special mention must go out to Howlers new auto cashout function, which automatically refunds your unspent credit back into your bank account. It truly took the sting out of having to move your money into plastic.

The local lineup at the Pretoria show, in this journalists opinion, was one of the strongest and perfectly curated International preludes. If you haven’t heard of Cortina Whiplash, Hellcats, BCUC, Dan Patlansky or Southern Wild then I suggest that after you complete this article, you open up Youtube and get yourself educated. Writing on what makes these bands so incredible would require it’s own article, but I must give particular props to Dan Patlansky and BCUC for delivering powerful performances that cranked the dial up to 11 and drove audiences into a frenzy.

Incubus Live Performance:

Once we were sufficiently warmed up and chomping at the bit, Incubus took to the stage. Having played in well over 60 tours all around the globe, Incubus’ tightness and fluidity were impossible to ignore. Opening with ‘Glitterbomb’ from their 2017 album, titled “8”, the irony was not lost on me that they had almost immediately blown my mind. Luckily for my fellow Incubus revellers and I, we had 2 more hours of this to enjoy. Their set covered most of their classics, including “Stellar”, “Nice to Know You”, “Megalomaniac”, “Drive”, “Anna Molly” and “Wish You Were Here”. It was a particularly emotional moment when Incubus seamlessly flowed from “Wish You Were Here” to Pink Floyd’s 1975 track of the same name.  It was pure class.

The Emotion and The Tears:

Looking around me I could see an endless wave of emotional fans singing along to every word at the very top of their lungs. Grown men were crying tears of joy as they clutched their beer in one hand and their mate in the other.

The show was more than a classic Incubus performance. It was an ode to the musical journey that we had all grown up walking. With Incubus riding shotgun, burning the roadmap and taking us on a Drive we’ll never forget.