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Saturday, March 23, 2019


Republic of Mielie Pop 2018: The Moths

Jamming Toward Mielie Pop 2018:

Knowing the trio relatively well, perhaps too much so, it was awesome to get to actually get them on Milled ahead of Mieliepop. Of course, we spoke to them about their one lyric, Cale’s undercover role as Cyclops and Cobra’s hair product!

We’re all garbage singers, but Corbs is a little less garbage than the rest of

Richard Chemaly (RC): As a surf band, there isn’t really much room for lyrics so how did you decide who got the one lyric in your entire repertoire? #Tornado

The Moths (TM): We’re all garbage singers, but Corbs is a little less garbage than the rest of

RC: Is Cale really cyclops? I’ve never seen him without shades?

TM: Nah, Cale is actually a triclops and we have to cover his third eye constantly for fear of government reprisal.

RC: At what point do you just stop waiting for Tarantino to call you and pitch up on one of his sets and just start playing? He doesn’t have many films left in him.

TM: He keeps fucking ringing, and we just keep ignoring him. It’s gotten to a point of obsession and we think he needs to re-evaluate his priorities.

RC: You’ve hung with the with a couple of great international acts, my personal favourite being the Dune Rats. Other than an explanation of the sequence Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana, what awesome lessons have you picked up and incorporated?

TM: Be nice, be punctual, if you have an early flight just keep drinking whiskey until you board.

RC: Cobra’s hair sails very closely to “The Rachel”. Is there a special product he uses to keep it on the rocking side of the 90s? It’s Black Label, isn’t it?

TM: If you reveal this secret then the FBI is gonna search your butthole for hours.

RC: The Men in Black meets John Travolta suit look is awesome but I imagine it requires a lot of maintenance and dry cleaning which can’t be easy on tour. Have you picked up any hand life hacking dry cleaning tips? It’s Black Label, isn’t it?

TM: It doesn’t. We sweat laundry detergent and softener. It’s one of the benefits of clean, healthy living.

RC: How far does Chris have to split his legs to be as tall as a normal person?

Photo Credit: Tilana Piranha

TM: Wide enough for your mom to fit in-between.

RC: Mieliepop is generally the first big fest in the country’s annual calendar. Does this foreshadow a big year for you?

TM: Maybe.

RC: Having been on the scene as long as you have, have you cemented some awesome friendships with bands out of Gauteng and are you looking forward to seeing anybody in particular when partying backstage?  It’s Black Label, isn’t it?

TM: We love our Cape Town homies, those cats are wild. Retro Dizzy, The Valley, Runaway Nuns, all goddamn top dudes and the best people to drink Black Label.

RC: Looking forward to your set as I’m sure many people are. On a scale of 1 tequila to a 8 Jagers, how amped should we be? It’s Black Label, isn’t it?


The Republic of Mielie Pop 2018

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