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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Crimson House is Stoked about Mieliepop 2018!

Republic of Mielie Pop 2018:

Crimson House; a Favourite at this year’s Mielie Pop!

Crimson House are some cool kids so it’s no wonder they’ll be at Mieliepop this year. Also, there’s a birthday to celebrate so we had to get in touch and find out where they’ve been, how they’ve been teasing us with new music and what kind of show they’ll be throwing.

Howling with Riaan Smit:

Richard Chemaly (RC): It’s been almost a year since we’ve chatted! Let’s get the basic question out the way; what has Crimson House been up to for the last nine months? The last time we spoke Take a Chance just dropped, so what’s new?

Crimson House (CH): Since then we have dropped a new song “Don’t forget to take your medicine” along with a fun music video, its been doing pretty well. Since last year we have been doing what usually do, hitting stages and festivals all around, and in between tracking our 4th Album, which is a banger. We’ll be releasing a new single very soon with a whole new style we have been working on.

Another big piece of news (Which is definitely being announced here first) is we are moving to Pretoria for the months of June/July & August. During that time we’ll be performing and finishing up our album. Who knows, if we really like it we might stay.

Photo Credit: Lorna D Photography

RC: I know Don’t Forget to Take Your Medicine has recently been released; another gorgeous addition to a build-up to the new album, which I don’t think we speak enough about, when can your fans (me) expect the new addition to be dropping? Last time we discussed end of 2018, do you enjoy teasing us?

CH: *laughs” we do indeed enjoy teasing, we are still looking towards the end of the year, may even only drop in January 2019, but we’ll have released another 3 singles by then giving a taste of what is to come, we really want this album to be perfect so we’re not half-assing any of it, its all killer no filler.

RC: I’ve never asked, but where does the inspiration for Crimson House’s unique gypsy jungle music come from, I know you and the crew come from such diverse backgrounds, it’s tough to nail it all down

CH: Well we had gotten pretty influenced when we were the backing band in a circus, and the music was form all over the world, we were doing Russian songs, Italian songs, and music from all over, we fell in love with gypsy music, which you could liken to ska music, just more evil.

I’m gonna play like it’s my last night on earth.

Photo Credit: Lorna D Photography

RC: Right then, we go a bit back now, but this year you’ll be at Mieliepop 2018! How do you think Crimson House’s stage style is going to work with or contrast the other world music, slow pop or commercial styles of some of the other performances on the day, essentially; what are you guys bringing to the show this year?

CH: We are bringing our most polished version of our show, whats great about touring is that the show we have come to perfect back home we can take on the road and the people there will be seeing it for the first time, Cape Town has gotten a little spoiled so we change things up all the time, whats great with Mieliepop is we have our A- class version of our show that people there have never seen, its gonna be a whirlwind experience, it will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it will change your life!

On a side note, I [Riaan] will be turning 30 that evening of the performance, so I’m gonna play like it’s my last night on earth.

RC: Well happiest of birthdays for then. We’ll have a shot with you! On that, if Crimson House had to have a face to face musical battle, who at Mieliepop would you like to go up against? I’m talking full throttle Scott Pilgrim jamming! It’s your birthday so I’m sure we can organise it!

CH: We’ve taken on the Bones before, I would take on Native Young, though we do share a Sax player so he would be acting as a double agent.

RC: Like the Smoking Dragon and Park Acoustics shows of old, are you planning any collaborations with other bands at this year’s Republic of Mielie Pop 2018? Should we bring extra pairs of pants?

Photo Credit: Lorna D Photography

CH: *laughs* of course, we have a thing where we rope in people, usually very last minute, but expect the unexpected, as we don’t know what to expect!

RC: The last time we spoke, you mentioned that you may be kicking off a tour to the US again this year, any new gigs we should let our US audience know about?

CH: We were supposed to go back to Arizona, but instead we’re doing the Caribbean again, so between April 23rd and May 14th, we’ll be living in the Cayman Islands.

RC: Before I let you go and jam the hearts out of your loving Mieliepop fans, as is a tradition here at Milled, if we found a wayward Crimson Housian wondering the wilds of one of the many bars at Mieliepop 2018, what drink would we be ordering them to celebrate an epic performance!?

CH: We are a tequila band, which makes us wish there were more tequila-sponsored festivals! We really have a deep love for tequila, so if you see a house member, grab em a tequila and you will have a friend for life!

The Republic of Mielie Pop 2018

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