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Friday, October 19, 2018
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Bed On Bricks Ahead of Opening for Crash Test Dummies

Bed of Bricks Opening for Crash Test Dummies:

Since we interviewed Brad Roberts from the Crash Test Dummies, I’ve been looking so forward to this gig and then came to realize that it will be the first time I get to see Bed of Bricks in years. Being keen, I had to hunt for an interview and out came facts of falling off skateboards, potential stage collaborations at the gig and a funky identity.

Bed on Bricks and Richard Chemaly:

Richard Chemaly (RC): Finally! I’ve been dying to find somebody with the requisite authority to give me an answer and I believe I’ve found the right person! What’s the difference between groove and funk? Where do you slot in or asked more appropriately, how do you self-identify?

Bed On Bricks (BOB): Very flattered to be called a ‘requisite authority’. Thanks! Interesting question…We often interchange the two but if I have to think about it, I’d guess that groove is more beat-based, while funk occupies a wider sonic spectrum. Both are also states of mind – you can feel funky and/or groovy. I self-identify more with funk, but I love a funky groove.

RC: A decade ago I read an interview about how you don’t like fitting into categories and are difficult to market as a result. What must be awesome is hearing serious music fans speak about how you’re underrated as a band. How do you manage to stay against the grain by not chasing page likes and views
but still coming out as a really successful band?

BOB: To be honest, I’d rather for us to be overrated than underrated. Stylistically and philosophically, we’ve always been the sum of our parts – each of us like to play in a certain way and that is the basis of our sound. It is not determined by fashion, or the ‘now’. We do not purposefully go against the grain – we’re just naturally different and also indifferent to what’s ‘hot’ at the moment…and it is quite liberating not give a fuck about ‘likes’ and ‘views’.


RC: I see a lot of bands come and go…Some, like you, come and go but then come back. Where did you go and what inspired the comeback? More importantly, is there any advice you’d give to the new kids so that they don’t go at all?

BOB: Well, we were on a forced hiatus when our guitarist, Dave, broke his wrist while skating down Roeland Street (I know, right?) and couldn’t play for almost two years. Another factor was parenthood – there are now 5 young Bricklings running around. So generally, all of us got busy doing other things, but we never thought about calling it a day. We’ve been doing the odd gig around Cape Town, but we haven’t been up to JHB since we toured with Bastille in 2014, so we are really looking forward to it! As for advice: kids, don’t skate down Roeland Street…

RC: I haven’t seen you perform in ages but I do remember how much fun you seemed to have on stage. Has that matured with age or has the energy remained as it was?

BOB: There’s no better motivation to have fun on stage than middle age.

RC: Finally, and most importantly, if Crash Test Dummies offered to trade one of your songs for theirs on the night, which would you cover and which would you like to hear them play?

BOB: Hmm, what an interesting idea. We don’t really do covers, except for “If you see me walking”, which Dave’s brother Joe wrote. Maybe we could cover “How does a duck know?” What a weird song title – we could maybe have a call and answer vibe: “how does a duck know?”/ “fuck knows”. We shout “fuck knows” in a break in Humanarium, so they can cover that.

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