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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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There’s this Band, Boxer…and they’re playing Park Acoustics

When we sat down and assigned interviews (by that I mean JoburgBrew sends us a couple of beers and Brett dictates the weekly gameplan), I got Boxer, which was exciting! Usually I know a lot about South African rock bands but Boxer is a slight enigma. Let me explain; as my music teacher taught me, festival lineups work as follows: First up is the worst band you’ve never heard of. After than you’ll have the worst band you’ve ever heard of. Thereafter, it gets progressively better.

Boxer is quite a great band but they are always up in the lineup at a time when I’m already drunk so I made for the internet to jog my memory. At first I found a picture of short shorts and hairy legs. I thought I was researching to interview a certain other band. Then I listened to some music and thought “aw hell….I’ll just ask them.”

Richard Chemaly (RC): So…are you guys really the Blur of South Africa or is that just a look you’re going for?

Boxer (B): We’ve been aiming for more of a Maroon 5 vibe but haven’t managed to find someone that’s purple and willing to be the fifth band member. Awkies!

RC: All of you have beards, but the kinds that require maintenance. Beard oil application and all, who takes the longest to prep for stage and why?

B: It’s going to depend on the show actually. Festival shows mean that Ari and Jake are coordinating their fabulous onesie – drag outfits whilst club shows mean that Tyler and Just need to make sure they both wearing plaid. Every damn time.

RC: I’ve noticed you’ve cited a local band, The Moths, as one of your influences despite your vastly different perspective on just how many words should make up the lyrics of a song. You also mentioned Gangsterdam, Go Barefoot, Shadowclub etc but is there any band you specifically do not want to sound like?

B: Blur [laughs with British sarcasm].

RC: Imagine the scene…You’re playing your gig at Park Acoustic and a bunch of protesters rock up demanding that the name of the Voortrekker Monument be changed. Do you (a) protest with them, (b) protest against them, (c) do something else (requires elaboration), (d) summon the rock gods to hold them off until your set is finished?

B: Going to have to go with (e) Ask the protesters to chill out, have a Jack D and Coke and listen to some lekker tunes. Then we all agree to name the monument “The Greatest Sunday Jol Ever Made Monument” and by then we’ll all be having the best time. 

RC: You’ve been playing Park Acoustics for a couple of years now. What’s the coolest thing that’s happened backstage that we don’t know about yet but we should? [invites shade to be thrown at other artists too]

B: Joh. We played with Shadowclub, Beast and Sannie Fox last time round. Right? So apart from Jake being man-handled by the MC before our show, we were too busy drooling over the acts that we got to open for. Something along the lines of them asking “Hey how’s it going?” and us replying “marry me.”

RC: We’re looking forward to your set…it’s been like a month since we last saw you over new years but now we want more. Can we please have more? How much more can we get?

B: You guys are gonna get some. Then you going to get even more than that until eventually we end up giving you too much. Leaving us feeling naked and exposed, but strangely satisfied.

Fortunately I don’t usually get too drunk at Park Acoustics so I’ll be able to enjoy their set this time around but by then it will be too late for this interview…but we’ll see you there!

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