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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Smoking Dragon Review: From a Festival Noob

Smoking Dragon Festival 2016

My First Time Experience:

With am amazing line up and a stunning venue I was really excited to get a chance to experience the Smoking Dragon Festival.

The venue was well located and the view was stunning the VIP camping area was great. The kitchen facilities were kitted out quite well with stoves, fridges, cutlery, crockery and had a few plugs for us to keep us digitally connected ( a HUGE plus ). Lets also keep in mind that this was my first time camping and I was expected to be shell shocked.

Quite the contrary I was pleasantly surprised. The weather also played well with us, it was mostly hot with the sunshine belting down on us, when the heat got too much mother nature sent some rain our way later in the day to cool us off, but not for too long.

After setting up camp and getting settled we went exploring.

Those Toilets Though:

The ablutions were neat and mostly kept clean, however, not nearly enough for the amount of people that there. We had to que to shower (which is not something I am really used to, but then again a que never killed anyone).

The food stalls were not setup and ready to go while people where getting there, which was disappointing but they did hit the ground running when they did finally get setup.  The vegan store sold some pretty mean sweet potato fries! #justsaying

The Stages and Music:

We had our pick of stages to go and visit. There was a stage in the food court area; The Fringe Stage, they kept the bands chilled and viby which was great for eating and drink and being merry.

The Ripple Zone stage was the hip and happening place to be during the day, that’s where I saw some of my favourite acts of the festival: Crimson House, Mr Cat and the Jackal and Stelth Ulvang were the acts that really made the ripple zone a happy place for me! Excellent stage presence and toe tapping happiness.

The main stage was were I migrated to in the evenings, my favourite acts were, in no particular order: 7th Son, The Rudimentals, BOO!, The Dandies and The tribute band, all in all great music and a great vibe!

Things I Couldn’t Find:

There were a few things that were advertised that I didn’t see happen or could not find:

  • I did want to take part in the Yoga and could not find it (sad face).
  • I also didn’t see the “kid zone”. I didn’t have my kids with this time, but If I did I would have liked to known what it was like for future possibilities.

The last thing that frustrated me was that the line up kept changing daily. For some of us that like to super duper plan our days this was a big annoyance, at the end of the day it was not life threatening problem to solve. When we chatted to the organisers about it, there were several issues around transport over the Christmas and new years period. Which I guess we can understand, these things happen.

To sum it all up, I had a blast, I had fun, I got to experience some amazing music some fabulous people and a beautiful start to the new year. A thumbs up from this first time camper.

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