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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Mobile Game Review: Rabbit’s Epic Adventure

Rabbit's Epic Adventure Robot Games

Rabbit’s Epic Adventure! So Sonic!

I was really excited to play this game, the preview held such promise! The first few minutes of gameplay made it easy to enjoy, run in a line and collect coins, stomp on baddies and get a whole bunch of fun power-ups too (I never made it to the end) and then apparently defeat an evil version of Alice!

The game is based on the popular Alice in Wonderland universe, except this time, Rabbit is the hero and Alice is the villain! 

My first gripe; I needed coins to revive my dead character (you will die), but I didn’t have enough! I had to start from the beginning! Sure you could buy a quick boost of coins (the developers need to make money somehow), but like any sane human, I declined the purchase, only then to be placed right at the beginning of the level!

I thought, fine, this is similar to Street Skater, I can deal, then, out of no where: an Ad! 

I like to think I’ve got something of an idea on how to make money from a good game while not compromising the user experience. The Ad dropping in out of nowhere and the price tag attached to coins is a little frustrating to a point where it feels like spam.

The game design is pretty though, well coloured and flows well on any smartphone. But, those damn ads. 

This is an example of a great game idea, over complicated by random level quests (if you can call them that) and over monetisation. A simpler version of this game may be better, one that chooses a single monetising stream rather than trying to cash in on everything, this isn’t Angry Birds.

Give the game a try, maybe they’ll update it soon, I had fun, but not as much as I could have. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

Check out the game trailer here:

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