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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Fuzi…Now that was a birthday party!

We sent Etienne in to Fuzi’s birthday jol…he’s only just recovered and from his write up we can see why…

Thursday, 15 December in Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa, planet Earth. Hordes of rapscallions, bozos and strange folk descend on The Goodluck Bar to relive those life-altering moments and for what promises to be a night not soon to be forgotten.

The legendary Fuzigish gets on stage in true Ska-punk fashion (vests, T-shirts,torn jeans and of course Hawaiian print shorts) and delivers 40 songs for 40 years. It’s almost Rockwell’s birthday, you see, and no better way to celebrate it.

The night promised sweaty moshpits, beer and tons of like minded people all gathered for one single purpose. One could only describe it as a perfect mixture between revival, living and stomping around whilst sticking it to the man. Like a finely tuned cocktail permitting two straws and all the garnishing.

Boy, did Fuzi deliver! Mere seconds into the very first chord, every body that camped out in the joint was not only focused on the enormous black Fuzigish banner, marking their legendary status (Oh yeah… And the BAND of course), but climbing onto tables and breaking all conventional norms of personal space to be able to get in close enough to warrant a decent vantage point. For this is a must see.

Fuzigish came out guns blazing. Like mana from the gods, this also had all the makings of define intervention. I have to admit, my fellow Fuzinites all had that one song that they were going to lose their shit to, and I was no different. Take your pick. Mine was Monique off  the album Exploited and Distorted;. And so I did. as did they all, on that fateful moment, give not a single damn…not for the beer in my hand, the random lonely Converse sneaker making its way through the crowd possibly looking for its soulmate or even the fact that we all had lost count of the promised 40 song setlist.

That’s the thing about Fuzigish. In the midst of everything, one tends to submerse into that moment, reliving favorite childhood memories and letting go of all the anchors weighing you down (like your boss or an ex… Nah forget about it!).

After the show I decided to give them the customary 10 minutes to settle and raced in, armed with the only two questions that made any kind of sense.

1. 40 songs for 40 years… How did you manage to put together a show, nay a setlist that big, that would keep the crowd from going into goldfish mode? Jay said he wasn’t too sure, “…besides, I think it was more like 28 or 35 or something…but hey”.

2. Then I asked So you guys inspired tons of people over the years (and I know that I’m not just speaking for myself). If you could say anything to any one of them, what would that be? True to form, Jay told me, It’s all about DIY” which Thomas seconded.

Obviously there was a lot more elaboration in that answer, but that stuck with me. Resonating in my head like the echo of her sweet perfume. What a great answer I thought. Magical even purely because of its profane applicability on everything in life.

Take that thought with you to bed tonight …

As the night drew to a close and our Uber driver pulled up, I took a look around and could literally see the difference these warriors of virtue had made. All in attendance had a skank in their step and a smile on their face.

This was indeed a night of unity, celebration and OI!

You & I, we are not like them…

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Musician at Hope is for Heroes, contributor to Milled Music and festivals!