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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Shared Address live…and all the fun

Since the exodus of Barney Simon at 5fm, Sunday nights in Bloemfontein have been less rocking until Scarlet Room introduced Sunday Sessions. I was keen for some beer and blues and so I packed my hubbly and went to watch Shared Address, a Pretoria based folk/blues duo…a decision which led to a great time.

Over breakfast this morning, my father inquired what made their show so enjoyable. I began by making use of a pen and paper to explain that I had watched “Shared Address” not “Shed a dress”. Once the formalities were out of the way, I tried to relate why the show was so enjoyable by contrasting it to other enjoyable times in my life and the first thing that came to mind was playing for the Under 11 C hockey team back at school. We were undefeated all season and our training sessions consisted of playing against ourselves and whenever a cool move came up, we’d try include it in our playing around…euphoric!

I’d never be able to relate that to music had it not been for my musical training. I wasn’t schooled traditionally but rather by an awesome mentor who’d ask me what music I’d be feeling at the moment. It would usually be something by the Offspring so we’d work it out, he’d explain some nuanced music principles behind the beat, transposition or whatever nuggets he had to share and we’d begin jamming…until the jam session went on a tangent and we’d just enjoy harmonizing together…until the lesson was over which was usually signaled by one of us shouting, “I LOVE MUSIC”.

Shared Address give off the vibe that they really love what they’re doing which makes them so enjoyable to watch but their engagement with the audience is where I’d give them top marks. With historical roots in Bloemfontein, it was clear that they had a form of fellowship with a couple of folks in the audience. To prove this, and the intimacy of the show, at one point,Joudie and Muareen shared how they met, before Maureen relegated herself to the bench and invited audience member and local celebrity Buxi to jam a song with Joudie.

Semi-acoustic Sundays seem to be gaining in popularity, perhaps because there’s a lack of anything else to do or more are trying to get away from their traditional Sunday family obligations. Shared Address are certainly great enough to pull a crowd in their own right. Seems some okes loved them so much in Kimberley earlier in the weekend that they trekked through to Bloem to hear them again.

It’s no surprise that they were hinting of an international tour lined up in 2017.

Take nothing away from their skills though. It’s often a fallacious belief that fun and skill don’t go hand in hand but Maureen’s vocal range can nail a blues cover of Britney Spear’s toxic with no strain and when he gets into it, Joudie does this with his guitar:

With a collection of interesting takes on covers and musical skills packaged into an entertaining evening, one no longer needs to lament the things that gave you joy as a kid…all you need to do is live vicariously through these two as they offer a great time with great music!

If you get a chance to check them out. Do! You might even let yourself in for a 200km trek to see them again.

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