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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Music Release: Episode, The Lost Episodes

Episode Music

The Next Episode:

We’ve been really excited to engage with more and more up-and-coming musicians in South Africa, and today we’re able to bring you a local musician that’s been on the music scene in South Africa since the mid naughties!

We present Episode, a Johannesburg based Hip Hop artist and Producer.

Episode announced on his Facebook page that he will be releasing a new project titled “Soul Searching” first quarter of 2017, following his 2015 release of “The Present EP”.

But before the album drops, he releases a Free Mixtape titled “The Lost Episodes” which is a collection of songs that he released previously as loose songs and has chronologically narrated the mixtape to show natural progression in his writing and his path that got him through some tough times a few years ago.

The Lost Episodes” features the likes of Youngsta, Lyrical Tip, Mind the Soul, Eldridge J and Tokin.

Check out the music video for the original Episode of The Growth:

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