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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Biz Stone Relaunches Jelly! A New Kind of Search Engine:

Jelly App

The New Jelly!

I have a few thoughts on the new Jelly App

I’ve been monitoring the original founders of Twitter for some time now. We all know that Jack Dorsey is attempting to pull Twitter and Squareback from the brink. Ev Williams is carrying on changing the world of social media experience with Medium. Then we have the slightly less hairy Biz Stone, inventing new applications like Jelly and the not so Super.

I’ve been a strong admirer of Biz in particular for a while now, for many reasons, but mostly because I felt that he was the bravest of the three.

He seems to be the only one that is brave enough to attempt to create something utterly different, even if the need doesn’t quite exist yet.

Not a payment app or blogging app.

Jelly App

Jelly AppThe original Jelly.co app was something different, and slightly odd. Back then, we may have called it a crowdsourcing QnA application based around travel and locations.

People would simply take photos of things or ask questions about things, and others interested in that thing would answer. The best answer would be up voted over time, oh, and it’s all anonymous.

After a few years of silence around Jelly, BOOM! I find an addition to my Medium feed, Biz had awoken Jelly again!

Though this time, Jelly would be taking the title of: Search Engine! Or as Biz may call it: “…a new kind of search engine delivering answers on demand”.

I’m not going to quote Biz, he does a better job introducing the new Jellythan I ever could, but rather, I thought about the concept of people/opinion driven answers structured as search engine.

Ithink this new Jelly can be both a revolution!

Or it can be the biggest and dumbest mistake in social media history.

Let’s say what we’re all thinking, people error, how would you be able to get reliable information from other humans who may be no better than you?

We need facts to guide us, facts are safe, we can trust a fact, not an opinion.


Then again, we’ve been seduced by social media and popular opinion for a decade now! Look at any Twitter or Facebook revolution video or campaign! The revolution will be Tweeted!

Social media celebrities who have nothing more than a unique take on the world and a video camera, yet, we trust and even hold their opinions dear. We make life choices based on their points of view.

So, why not create an app that sources those points of view anonymously?

I give you the new Jelly.

I look forward to seeing if Jelly becomes the next version of the Search Engine in the world of generation Z, or if it’s just another QnA forum for curious people.

Jelly AppOriginally Published by Brett Magill on Medium.

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