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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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PHFAT and Mikhaela Faye Launch ‘The Whip’



We Don’t Always Talk About PHFAT

But when we do, it’s a leak about his new album: “The Whip”. Revealing no intentions to slow down, PHFAT has released a brand new single entitled “The Whip”. On one hand a classic PHFAT thumper and on the other hand a completely new sonic adventure for PHFAT, the track was made hand in hand with the relatively unknown jazz musician, Mikhaela Faye.

The Whip, kicks off with in classic PHFAT style, with a heavy layered bassline and a vocally dense rap chorus describing what seams to be a car chase scene. Halfway through the track suddenly explodes into completely new territory for PHFAT and we are introduced to otherworldy ethereal textures as well as the striking voice of Mikhaela Faye, speaking in first person to a wayword lover.

We discover the extent of both her vocal range, her sincerity, and her proficiency on the keyboard before we are snapped back into a chorusing of both the artists voices as the track winds into it’s melancholy ending.

Working with Mikhaela was quite unique” says Smooth Mike of the collaboration “she’s an incredible musician technically, but more impressive to me in this instance was her willingness to see ideas through. Almost a dedication to creating the best song she could, even if she knew that being open would mean walking down a couple of fruitless paths and a fair amount of exhaustive discussion. That type of dedication is rare and I think travelling this road together meant that we both learnt a lot. Also, her voice is gimoungous.” – PHFAT

LIVE Shows in 2016:

Smooth Mike plans to keep the momentum going and “play a million rap shows and write a bunch of new music. There is still so much I want to do with music and live performance. Developing the live show and a new release are very much my priority right now.

The live show will morph slowly as fresh material is created. “I’ve always been obsessed with the live-set and growing it goes through slow organic growth phases and revolutionary phases. People can expect a bit of both. The last half of 2016 is looking incredibly exciting.

If You’re in Cape Town: 

Date: Saturday, 28 May

Line-up: PHFAT & Stilo Magolide

Venue: The Assembly, Cape Town

Address: 61 Harrington Street

Doors open: 21H00 – Facebook Event

The Whip by PHFAT

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