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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Cactus Adventure with Citroen South Africa

The Cactus Adventure

Here’s the situation, I was given the new Citroen C4 Cactus to drive around in for the weekend! But, I’m not a motor head, I’m nothing close to a motor head, but what I am is a bit of an adventure nut and a wanna-be traveller and amateur photographer, so I thought I’d play to my strengths and go on an adventure, to Harties, Pretoria!

The whole point of this adventure was to have fun by using the Cactus, and I did, I didn’t want to do the old tired vehicle review, mostly because I had no idea how to review a car, and second, because cars or more big smart phones with wheels these days than anything. I decided to have an adventure with the car being my chariot and tell you about my experience with this fun little machine, so here goes.

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The Cactus Experience

On first impressions: the car didn’t look as bad as the earlier funnier models had us thinking, the side pressure panels that are very practical in Johannesburg, are less visually appealing than most car users would like, but the C4 Cactus made the side panelling a part of the entire design of the car, the black and white style made me feel unique and at the same time, didn’t make the overall look feel sluggish or bulky.

The Interior: at first glance had everything I needed, from comfy seats to hard smooth body finish, all controlled by the middle dashboard HUD (Heads up display), that seemed simple to control and organise. Though, the longer I used the car, I couldn’t help but feel that there were things missing.

The rev. counter for instance, I’m sure it was a setting somewhere, but it seemed odd that it didn’t just come standard as you get the car in default. The cup hold(er), there was only one, this would have been fine, but it couldn’t fit anything bigger than a red bull can, so for someone like me that enjoys the morning coffee or occasional energy drink, maybe a little frustrating.

Other than that, a lot of the same on the inside, and an amazingly refreshing climate control system, which was a pleasure over the hot weekend in pretoria.

The Drive Around: was a lot of fun! You can point the car in a direction and it chewed up the road getting there! The turbo in the version of the Cactus was the cherry on top of a mountain of fun that this car provided while driving. It was smooth and agile over the high way and the breaks were sharp and precise in heavy traffic, which was perfect considering the two hour traffic I sat in on the way to Pretoria!

Over the long distances the car didn’t flinch, even the petrol consumption was a surprise! I used R100’s worth of petrol from Sandton to Alberton to the Pretoria CBD! Those are the best 100km I’ve ever done in a car! (Roughly 100km).

Sounds and Space was great, it’s a cosy car with lots of room, it doesn’t feel very cramped even though I’m a larger person and used to a larger car.

The Citroen C4 Cactus Statistics:

FEEL PURETECH TURBO 81 KW Price from R289,900

    • ABS with EBD and EBA
    • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    • Hill Assist
    • Cruise control with speed limiter
    • Driver, front passenger, front lateral and curtain airbags
    • Unfastened seat belt warning on all seats
    • Two rear ISOFIX mounting points
    • Remote central locking with deadlocks
    • Black Airbump®
    • Height-adjustable halogen headlights
    • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
    • Grey ‘Mica’ cloth interior trim with Stone Grey ambience
    • Front electric windows
    • Electrically adjustable door mirrors
    • 7 inch Touch Screen
    • Gear Efficiency Indicator
    • Steering wheel controls
    • Radio/MP3 player with 4 speakers and AUX/ USB socket
    • Gloss black door mirrors, rear insert and exterior trim
    • Gloss black roof bars
    • 16 inch “Corner” wheel covers
    • Air conditioning
    • Bluetooth® handsfree and media streaming

Here are some of the finer details on the car that I’m sure you motor heads may enjoy, but if you want the full spec, have a look at this download.

Citroen C4 Cactus

Citroen C4 Cactus

Citroen C4 Cactus

I hope you enjoyed my little experience with the Cactus, I certainly had a good time with the machine who would be an efficient computer. But, now you’re asking yourself, if you should consider investing into this vehicle? Well, I know what I’d say: If the cost of replacing parts, as readily available as they are today, we’re more cost effective, then yes, I’d be looking at getting my hands on one of these Cactus’, but as it stands, we’re in a bit of a struggling economy, making it difficult for your lower mid range income to commit to this car in the long run.

I had a lot of fun driving the Cactus, and it’s a fun and functional vehicle, so it ticks all the boxes, though, I’d recommend everyone purchase what they love and feel most comfortable with, my brother’s driving philosophy actually, who’s purchased a Peugeot and a Ford in his career.

I made a video about the Cactus Adventure here:

Here’s the Official Cactus Video:

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