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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Newmarket Night Market?

Newmarket Night Market

Night Markets are an experience!

It seems like we’ve been spoilt. The night markets of the inner city have been long held as the bench mark for nocturnal fun and entertainment for both city dwellers and those looking to experience the night life in one of Johannesburg’s booming cultural and business centres.

Neighbour Goods Night Market, Maboneng’s Arts on Main Night Market, various night markets hosted at 1Fox The Sheds or the now annual cultural night market: First Thursdays, a recent new edition to the urban entertainment atmosphere in Johannesburg.

The markets offer experiences never before enjoyed, vast varieties of food, drinks and entertainment and music always populate the monthly festivities.

It seems like more want a piece of the pie though.

Thinking about going to the Newmarket Night Market?

I attended the recent Newmarket Night Market in Alberton (My home town). I would have much rather gone to the local bottle store, bought a bottle of warm beer and watched ants run up my outside wall.

This is not a review of the market, or a critique on the hard working entrepreneurs trying to sell their wares at the venue, this is my first hand experience of the “market”.

It was quiet.

It felt, by comparing the standard of market’s that a lot of us have become accustomed when looking at entertainment, culture and food or drink; lazy and tired. There was no entertainment to speak of, actually if you tried, you could have probably heard the crickets creaking in the field across the street.

There was no band.

The food on offer was tasty though, when it was still available, most stalls had run out by 6:00pm. The market opened at 5:00pm, so if you’re like me, you’d probably still be braving Johannesburg’s highways at 5:00pm. Hustling to get home, you may have missed out too.

There was no music.

The culture that was available, was some interesting christian focused art pieces by local artist: Yvette Oosthuizen, well produced and passionately created. We look forward to her future projects and contributions.

Not even a DJ.

The stalls themselves were scattered throughout the venue, which was far too big, and there was little sense of direction or management to much of anything. The whole experience felt like awkward and forced almost like there was nothing on TV that night and too much petrol in the car.

In the end dear readers, I commend the hard working entrepreneurs and artists on the night. Well done, and don’t give up. My concern is that organisers are creating event’s using buzz terms like: “Night Market”, but are not concerned with taking the time or making the effort to create a market or event that actually matters, but rather a bowl movement in a thunderstorm.

Did no one have a laptop or even a CD player?

(For more information on the New Market Night Market thing, please consider the line up here: Lazy

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