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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! #1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
Might Morphin Power Rangers #1

Opportunity For a Redefinition!

This was a totally nostalgic acquisition. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers defined so many of our childhoods, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them in action again. Though, I really hoped the setting and the story was a bit more updated, based on fan film: Power/Rangers Bootleg Universe:

Opportunity Missed

After watching the Bootleg fan film, I hoped that the comics would reflect the fact that the kids who watch Power Rangers, are now grown adults, that lust over action, explosions, blood, sex, lasers and so on. But this wasn’t the case with the printed story, though, the nostalgia still helped me finish the book and want to read the next issue.

The story and art and such

The story, if I remember, is the same told in the original kids programs from the 90’s, this part though, with the entrance of the green, gold and white rangers. A favourite of mine and my cousins (he was always the stronger one, ass).

While the story was still based on the old television program, the setting had been updated to reflect a more modern Angel Grove, though the same teen attitudes come out that originally made the series so charming, dealing with teenage issues of the 90’s and some issues of today.

The art, was fun, easy to look at and colourful. Not too colourful like you’re reading a children’s book, but colourful enough to remind you that you’re reading about the Rangers.

It’s a fine ready, though I can’t help but feel the creators missed the opportunity to both work that nostalgia, and give the old fans something to salivate over. If you’re going to buy this story because you loved the Rangers, do it! But if you’re expecting to be awed at a deep dark story, so complex and creative in it’s execution that you know that this is the next chapter in the Ranger’s legacy, you’ll be disappointed.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

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