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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Hauwei P9 Launched is London

Huawei P9

Huawei P9: the next Flag Ship, Again

As usual, we don’t get the cool things until much later. The Huawei P9 was just launched in London this past April 6.

While I’ve not gotten my hands on the new device yet, it promises to be another devices branded with the “Flag ship” name. While it doesn’t look as powerful in terms of processor and camera specs as the Mate line, it looks like it outclasses the original P8 in many ways outside of it’s looks.

What looks particularly interesting is the incorporation of a duel camera, which apparently gives the user the ability to produce superlative imagery? Sounds interesting, I cannot wait to take one of these out for a spin, when we eventually get the new flag device on our doorsteps.

According to the leak

, which tends to drone on about the camera capability: “Integrating the design values and engineering excellence of Leica and Huawei in a smartphone photography system co-engineered by the two companies, the P9 brings together best-in-class hardware and software, from optical lens, to sensors, to image processing algorithms, empowering users to capture the highest-quality pictures.

Key to the P9’s superlative imaging capabilities is a dual-camera design that fully unleashes the power of Leica’s optical lenses, renowned for precision and attention to detail, and subject to the industry’s most stringent quality screening requirements. The RGB camera on the P9 specializes in capturing colour, while the monochrome camera is outstanding at acquiring picture detail.

The two rear cameras of the P9 work in tandem to enable users to create images of superior detail, depth and colour. The P9 excels in low-light conditions (Upgrade from previous models), as the dual-camera design guarantees more light and detail can be captured.

Each picture taken by the P9 carries the unique emotional resonance and timelessness that are the hallmarks of Leica, as users may choose between three Leica film modes: Standard, Vivid Colours and Smooth Colours, depending on their personal preferences. With meticulous calibration of the P9’s camera parameters, each film mode faithfully renders the authentic colour and style of Leica.

By selecting the monochrome mode, P9 users can use their devices as a true monochrome camera to capture powerful and evocative black and white images of superior quality.

Deploying Huawei’s Hybrid Focus technology, the P9 captures images with superior speed, accuracy and stability. The P9 supports camera focusing based on three methodologies – laser, depth calculation and contrast – and automatically select the one that yields the best result in any given environment.

The wide-aperture photography feature on the P9 allows users to experiment with innovative visual effects to create unique images and content. The P9 makes it easy to adjust the camera aperture to create bokeh and other depth-of-field effects, while keeping the main object in sharp focus.

(For a hands on experience around the P9’s camera abilities, The Verge drew up a pretty good article on it >>here<<)

Instagrammers Come Forth

I’ve not met many Instagrammers in Johannesburg that use the Huawei devices for their photography. It would be interesting for a group of them to use all the new features that Huawei keeps dishing out in their phones, but many igers stick to what they know: iPhones or their professional level cameras.

I’d like to see more use of Huawei phones in Instagram photography, just to experiment with the capability.

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